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"TIME TO THRIVE" (A Programme for WILDFIT Graduates)

I’m so excited!

And my doors are open only for a limited time. For the next FOUR days my doors will be open for this exciting WILDFIT graduate programme and I can’t wait to start!

You know I am all about FUN but also CONNECTION is key and I want you to have a quality experience. To ensure I provide the highest level of hands on support I will be capping the programme so this will only be available to a limited amount of people. If I reach my cap then I will have to close the doors early.

So what does it involve?

5 Week Programme to reignite your Wonderful WILDFIT ways or perhaps to cement the skills you are currently mastering.

Personalized Facebook Group so you can meet your “TIME TO THRIVE” TribeWeekly LIVE  Coaching Calls

Resources to support you as make it your TIME TO THRIVE.

Regular coaching support
FUN ways to encourage our Living WILDFIT habits.
You never know I might even surprise you by throwing in the odd acronym

Take ACTION now, once the doors close they won’t open again until later next year. I truly believe you are going to LOVE it! Thrive with the guidance of an award-winning certified coach and be part of a select TIME TO THRIVE tribe.

If you are interested and want to enrol in TIME TO THRIVE email me at michelle@wildridetohealth.com and I’ll send you the details! Also let me know your current primary goals and focus.
I’m so excited to begin on Monday 15th November.  Remember to get in quick before the doors close on Saturday or when I reach my cap.
Take TIME TO THRIVE so you Love the lifestyle you live!

Michelle Templeton
Certified WILDFIT® Coach
⁠Supporting you on your Wild Ride to Health!

14-Day Reset to Revive Programme

This programme lays the foundation which will transform your relationship with food and allow you to embark on a path to health and food freedom. Through the content of daily emails, online coaching calls and in-depth videos you will reset your food mindset and begin to make lifestyle changes which are at the core of the WildFit philosophy.

90-Day Challenge – with weekly live group coaching

This week-by-week nutrition challenge is a continuation of the 14-Day Reset to Revive programme. It will help you explore your food psychology and eating decisions. Drawing inspiration from evolution, functional medicine and nutritional anthropology, this programme will teach you how to release what no longer serves your body and mind. Learn how to implement healthy habits for a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

Thrive with the guidance of an award-winning certified coach as part of a small online group.

WildFit explores ancestral eating and looks at returning to eating the way Mother Nature intended… And you still have the freedom to choose if you want to have a glass of wine!

We’ll show you how to do that the healthy way.

These courses are for you if you…

Prefer freedom over willpower.

Have unwanted weight that you want to lose and keep off.

Are ready to reduce cravings.

Want to learn more about health and live it as a lifestyle.

Are happy to farewell 3pm sugar cravings and welcome in more energy!
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